Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012's gonna be great!

So I started the year on the second day. This New Year’s Eve was different. We suddenly decided to have a fine dining (instead of the typical buffet type) at home since there were only 9 of us left (from 19 on Christmas celebration). We took pictures of all of us unmarried w/ parents except my Kristof who was tired from helping me set the table and did really have a good sleep. I spent the rest of the day cuddling with my boy, cleaning the mess, eating and sleeping. Still, the weather made me weaker and sick and wished for a longer holiday break.
Back to reality, I am now wearing our new office uniform. Green seaweed wool cloth that’s really uncomfortable and we will be using the same set for 5 long years. I now have to face and focus on the coming very important events and travels. I am so anxious about my health, that I might fail the bosses and of course of being away from my boy again. Anyway, I have lots of great things to look forward to like having a driving lesson, enrolling my son to preschool, getting serious on blogging and plucking and crafting, vacation with my son and the homecoming of my sister & her family from Canada. I know this year’s gonna be great. I have learned a lot and won’t be wasting my time and sympathy from people in the history and promise to have a more serious TO-DO list so I won’t be idle and use my precious time well and be more productive. I wish to learn more in photography so I won’t regret of missing important events in the office. I have had enough adventure and won’t be wanting more this year. No more extra activities and would instead stay at home. I finally decided to deactivate my facebook account and I’ll be one of the peaceful 1/3 in the whole world who ain’t hooked on facebook.