Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Day

Happy hearts day! I greeted/teased only a person so far (aside from the family) and the reaction was, it’s a pagan day. Okay though I expected it. Im just so full of love today. I got the usual sweetest morning kiss from my son and greetings from nieces and nephews and family. Unlike everyone else, I don’t really get blown by the fancy flowers and chocolates seen everywhere during this season. Two years ago, I got a bouquet of old roses from my ex in the US and last year, flowers were also on my table at work from a friend. It felt great , I felt so feminine. But now I don’t expect something. I just feel delighted seeing my colleagues having those from their hubbies and boyfriends. No matter the age, I see the glitter in their eyes ;) I wish to step out in the office and give somethings to the old maids as well. I also wish to give mom flowers but I don’t have the budget. I wish to sell flowers at home so in laws would give to my sisters. But I don’t have the time and the bucks. I will just buy some sweets for the kids at home. I want them, at their early age to feel the importance of the (most) love day. 

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