Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hearts Day!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! New year for hopefully a new better Pie.
I've always wanted my writings be read so I can interact with people who think the same way I do. I really needed ones. I've been so busy my whole life for having lots of interests. And taking a tough course during my college years deepen my interests more and taking me to chaos. I had no regrets though. The experiences I had made me who I am now and I'm proud I grew up this way.

Being in a large family is not simple. Everyone seeks attention and praises and jealousy is always there. Rivalry in everything helped everyone excel in what we do. Having lots of siblings would also mean having them as friends - real ones. We are so close that we seem to respect each other's opinions than our parents'. We have bunch of secrets like bestfriends do and we really argue a lot. This made me an introvert and I'm happy I am. Maybe also because I'm just pretty and not prettier. But it doesn't mean I limit myself from outdoor activities. Although I'm not blessed with a healthy body, I'm still updated with sports on tv. I enjoy most with my brothers and sisters at home sharing stories and jokes doing boardgames, foodtrip and movie marathon.

I also have lots of pretty and prettier friends and they do invite me outside. Being the littlest and weakest sometimes limit me from adventures and fun. But I don't give up. I try to do queer things they do and even at times dare them to try even harder ones. I can be funnier than I think I can and even funniest to little innocents because they genuinely laugh at my jokes and they're the most honest creatures on earth. Babies are also my bestfriends, they simply soothe my moods no matter how naughty or nonsense they can be.

Growing older was a tough one. Being away from home and spending years in college and having a job in a different place was really scary. I eventually gained confidence though but had not enough security. I was naive and vulnerable And so I got into relationships though I didn't really think I understo love and responsibilities then. I was scared to be alone in a place of strangers and so I thought I'd be needing somebody who can be with me always. So I was hurt, moved on and loved again and again.

So I met this man much younger than I am. I always had younger suitors I don't know where the older ones gone. Anyway, we lasted for more than two years but had lots of breakups. Emotional blackmail was there, secrets, lies, cheats and even worst things I never expected I deserve. He had plans though but I was doubtful if I can still hang on. Things happen quickly and I got pregnant. I was happy somehow I always love babies. As a designer, I was excited with wedding plans but later I knew that he's been cheating and had other babies with other women.

So I chose to move forward with my life with a new blessing. The most wonderful baby is trusted to grow up with me and it's been the greatest pleasure I have. Now he is one year and exactly four months. Music to my ears when I hear compliments about my parenting and how my son grow up this nice. (good job mommypie!) Thinking I'm single makes me strive harder to be the best mom and bestfriend to my son.

We spent our Valentine's Day with my family although some have their own families, some also are single and even didn't have dates. We should have spent it at a beach but the place is too far and travel safety and comfort for babies was not that good. Anyway we had pizza and everyone still enjoyed. My baby had a great fun playing with his cousins so he slept earlier. I missed him for spending too much time here so I got to go. Goodnight!

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